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About StrongHouse

​In a world of compromise... StrongHouse doesn't.

7 years Prior to the inception of StrongHouse in 2019 I started a 6x4m personal garage gym out of a desire for better training experience/environment, there were many reasons why commercial gyms didn't suit me and may not suit you...


Mistreated, damaged & broken down equipment👎

Crowded / hogged benches and dumbbells👎

 Waiting to for available squat racks / other equipment👎

Staff who don't treat you with value or respect for being there👎

and Absence of etiquette from general public.👎

In 2017 still being a personal gym I expanded into a 133m² space in Keilor Park with enough room to create the best possible gym equipped, NO COMPROMISE I also got qualified to combine my passion of life improving exercise to help others and offer a better alternative to the problematic commercial gyms by training people 1 on 1 or in small groups / classes from 2019 when StrongHouse became a registered online/personal training busines.

In May 2021 StrongHouse moved to Ringwood opening to the public with 24/7 card access for members and announcing ourselves as a multi sport federation with a date set for the first non-novice setting powerlifting competition in July and following that up with the biggest Australian Static Monsters strongman competition held over 2 days with over 40 competitors.

We've established ourselves as THE only gym in Ringwood worth considering if you are serious about strength results and powerlifting or strongman.

Training at StrongHouse is a haven if you are tired of waiting in busy gyms whose compromise in themselves carries over to you, having to compromise on your workout because the gym is busy or the equipment is out of order / generally of poor quality..

I don't make any compromise so my clients get great value out of training at StrongHouse

🔷Exclusivity/capped membership numbers

🔹You don't need to train in front of a hundred other people

🔹You have an entire gym with the best quality barbells and machines all to yourself/your friends


🔹More work done in a shorter time

🔹Perfect super-sets with all equipment at disposal


🔹Your training will be following a personal program easy to follow

🔹Able to train 24/7 plus have access to coaching 6 days a week inclusive with the unlimited PT Membership


🔹Correct lifting techniques will be taught and progressed

🔹Programs individualized with an intelligent structured approach

🔹Training app with video library with tutorials on all exercises

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