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Velocity Based Training


🔷What is Velocity Based Training?

Velocity Based Training (or VBT) is training based on feedback from a piece of technology which tracks the speed and movement of a barbell for any exercise, higher end models such as GymAware can provide information on Velocity, Acceleration, Force and Power.

VBT isn't new in the fitness industry but with technology getting simpler to setup for instant feedback its use is coming more widespread with olympic coaches utilising them for athletes of many disciplines, cycling, track and field, BMX as well as professional sporting teams worldwide in NFL, NHL, Rugby and AFL to name a few. In Powerlifting it's been bought to peoples attention by the likes of Chris Duffin and the talk of speed work in the texts of Louie Simmons Westside Book of Methods demanding speed work with minimum velocities.

🔷Why should I use VBT over % or RPE based training?

Using Velocity performance is a more accurate measurement for the loads to use for your training phase as 1RM % based training is not a definitive and consistent effort across different athletes where you may want them to have the same desired training effect. One person may move a squat loaded with 75% of their 1RM with .65m/s mean velocity and another person at .5m/s which is going to be a hugely different physiological outcome than expected not to mention different fatigue accumulation for different people. RPE based training is also subjective based and always open to interpretation or complacency at any session. Simply having a device read and display your performance instantly increase motivation to perform better as it gives you a benchmark to aim for each rep in your set and also more advanced methods can be setup to perform a set only as close to your maximal velocity capacity and less reps below a velocity loss threshold. This has seen greater strength and power output adaptions with less training volume needed and lower accumulative fatigue occurring.

🔷Who is VBT for?

VBT can be used to target all performance needs for any athletes from Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Track and Field athletes and sports which require Jumping or Throwing like Basketball, AFL, NHL, Rugby, Softball, Baseball.

🔷How do you read Velocity?

There are a number of VBT devices on the market 

Bar Sensei ($375 USD), TENDO ($1,329 USD), Beast ($289), PUSH ($349), NEXUS ($299 USD) & GymAware ($3,599)

Designed and produced in Australia, GymAware is the most accurate and has been validated by the Australian Institute of Sport 

...guess which VBT device is used at StrongHouse...

🔷When can I incorporate VBT?

VBT training and programming is available at StrongHouse to any Personal Training clients (or online clients who have their own VBT device) who's goals demand the tools to get the optimum strength or athletic progress that they have always strived for.

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