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StrongHouse is opening up to a handful of Personal Trainers to train their clients in our facility with no rent fee. This isn't on offer to any and all trainers, we have a very special community of members who have built a fantastic vibe and culture in the gym and all adhere to our code of conduct which first and foremost exists to create a zero tolerance to online bullying and sexual harassment. The standards we have in our members and values must also be exemplary from any potential personal trainer providing professional fitness services in our gym. Personal trainers training clients out of our facility isn't about the bottom line and charging as many PT's rent and long term contracts like our competitors do, it's about expanding our values, safety for women in gyms and succeeding environment for all people of all sizes to reach their goals or just feel good getting out the house and being active around great people.


If you are interested please fill out the form below   : )

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