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Hear What Others Have to Say

Going back to exercise has noticeably improved my overall outlook. My family is noticing my overall posture, appearance and health improve. I am going to continue your program. It has helped with my son, training together means we actually talk more. Every session brightens my day I appreciate it.

I started training with Brad after beginning BJJ and found my prior conventional gym training wasn't improving my sport. Thanks to Brad's knowledge he gave me the training plan to follow which improved all the things I was lacking in, my explosiveness and energy levels increased immediately.

I've been training for years and in just 20 minutes Brad has fixed my deadlift where before the movement was inefficient, I am now able to feel myself expressing so much more power and applying force to get stronger and also lift safer to remain injury free.

Jean-Marc, 42

Anthony Cave, 29

Tyler Maslen, 27

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