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Technique sets is a fallacy in strength training

Are you maxing out a set of deadlifts with poor technique, rounded back, hitching, etc. and then going lighter for 'technique practice' and struggling to make progress?


If you're a beginner the deadlift is one of the easiest lifts to add too much weight to that you have to 'muscle it up' instead of practicing the skill of using your leverage which inevitable enables you to be deadlifting more weight.

Every single rep of every exercise in TRAINING should be so called 'technique practice' no matter the weight lifted or reps performed.

Trading off technique for weight will lead to two inevitable outcomes, halted progress because the weight is so heavy you can't just muscle it up anymore like you used to when it was light OR Injury!

I recently hit a All time deadlift PB of 220kg. I achieved this from my heaviest training lift being 175kgx2 the week prior which was extremely smooth from all the practice at moving efficiently with moderate weights which allows being efficient at heavy weights.

If you want to keep doing 'technique work' after ingraining more poorly done deadlifts your training is a complete farce! 'technique work' should be done concurrently whether your sessions focus is developing Maximal Strength, Explosive power or High volume work for Hypertrophy... I do not add a 4th focus for 'technique work' sets or day! The number one priority is ALWAYS technique and having 'technique sets' shows it is not your priority!

Lift SMART! Get Strong!

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