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Gym Closed from Coronavirus? Must watch for budget home gym purchases to keep training!

Updated: May 12, 2022

This video is a complete guideline on the versatility of all basic gym equipment you can buy individually from $10-$100 and all their limitations to training your body broken down in to movement patterns for each piece of equipment. Exercises are just one example of dozens and variations that MUST be altered to suit your level of fitness such as tempo, reps, rest period, frequency in order for you to get REAL RESULTS training at home, if you think you must buy 170kg of weights to keep doing the hip thrusts in the program you paid for DON'T! Invest your money in someone who doesn't just Ctrl+V a spreadsheet to you and can't think of ways to get you the results with different methods. Every fitness professional should have the knowledge and endless amount of backup alternatives to help you do the best you can of a unexpected situation whether you train at home with 2 Dumbbells and Kettle-bells or have a skipping rope and TRX there's no excuse from YOU nor the fitness professional you PAY to come up with a solution. If you think the solution is you need to buy weights to continue doing hip thrusts you're wrong and you're throwing money away at unnecessary equipment and program design.

I recommend buying bands new. High quality powerbands will be much more workable than cheap ones and I recommend these companies

Australia - Ironedge, Rogue

America - EliteFTS, Westside-Barbell, Rogue (USA/CAN)

Europe - Strength shop

TRX, Tube bands for doors, Kettlebells, Adjustable Dumbbells, Exercise Ball you can find aplenty on second hand sites/eBay/Gumtree/Craigslist/FaceBook Marketplace and with a quick google search for a local shop to you.

In Australia a rule of thumb is paying $2/kg for second hand weights. If you're not olympic lifting you do not need to pay for bumpers.

Good competition grade kettlebells would be desirable over plastic ones. spend the extra $10-$15!!

I would recommend a combination of either Tube bands or Powerbands and something for resistance (KB/DB/TRX) plus something for cardio (Skipping Rope)

I hope you all stay motivated and don't let quarantines make you fall out of the good habits you've created, it's very important to stay in these good habits so invest in a couple things and have fun! You will easily find ways to challenge yourself with new training methods and can often be a good break from what you always do.

If you find your program you pay for doesn't accommodate for your bare bones home equipment then get in touch and we will get results weekly!

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